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H I Jew positive / Jestem Żydem

Austria/Israel, 2013, 80min
status: released, festival submission
co-production with Ronit Kertsner

“I’m HI Jew positive!” Jurek, a young Polish student, has just found out that he is a Jew and expresses his feelings about his newly discovered identity. Every day catholic Polish people find out that their parents have concealed their true identities and that they are actually of Jewish descent – the second and third generation of Holocaust survivors. The film starts over 14 years ago, even with that discovery in the lives of three people and pursues their future lives – a difficult search for their identity, in a country where Judaism is still struggling with resistance.”

director: Ronit Kertsner
producers: Filip Antoni Malinowski, Jürgen Karasek, Ronit Kertsner
funded by: Yesdoco Israel

premiere: Jerusalem Film Festival
European premiere: Krakow International Film Festival 2014

Presentation during the opening of the Museum on History of Jews in Poland, with Ronit Kertsner, Jan Gebert, Leslaw Piszewski, Lukasz Julian Lubinski and Agnieszka Ziątek at Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.Warsaw, Oct 2014.


DAY 8 .16

Filip Antoni Malinowski, pitching Dragon Forum Krakow

h i jew ronit kertsner


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