SOLEIL FILM is a Viennese film production with a focus on arthouse documentaries and feature films for the Central and Eastern European film market. Good to see you!

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We are on the lookout for stories that are unique and exceptional, in terms of both their context and their artistic side. They should be relevant to current issues, whether fiction or documentary, and should be able to target both Austrian/German and an international audience.

Our heart lies in all genreswe work on documentaries and feature films, for cinema and television. Our previous projects have been shown and awarded at numerous (key-)festivals. Our core of dedicated producers steams with energy for real human stories. We enjoy all phases from active concept development, to producing, over to final distribution strategies – we are devoting ourselves to these steps with all passion together with the director and the creative team.
We want to tell strong stories, our audience to be enthused and inspired, surprised, to be made laugh and cry – given food for thought. We believe that movies matter, that they can contribute to a collective consciousness, provoke discussions and change for a better society.

Our portfolio is continuously growing and in the last years we found a focus on films with political and social issues. We dig into microcosms, telling small and personal stories, human-focused, giving a glimpse into the life of individuals within current socio-political conflicts and developments. But we also tackle the macrocosm, try to ask ourselves bigger and more complex questions, dealing with the kaleidoscope of stories of global impact, we want to reveal these existential coherence.

Soleil Film is international. We tend to look over national borders, aim to work with creatives from all over the world bringing foreign stories to the local market. We are searching for strong ideas by not avoiding precarious topics – we’re looking for them. Over the years we established a broad international network, found partners and people we trust in but we are also very open for new co-operations. For us, film-making is about working with friends on a common vision. If you think, you fit within this framework feel free to contact us with your idea.

Recently we cooperated with ORF, BR, Arte, RTV Slovenija, CT, TVP, TVN, Planete+, W24 receiving trust and funding from MEDIA (Creative Europe), Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, Ministry of Art & Culture BMKOES, RTR, Wien Kultur, FISA, Tirol Kultur, Salzburg Kultur, Steiermark Kultur, NÖ Kultur, European Culture Foundation, Federal Chancellery of Austria BKA and many other funding bodies.


Soleil Film GmbH was founded in October 2008 by Filip Antoni Malinowski, Jürgen Karasek and Alice Karasek as a creative collective for film production. We are currently working in our Viennese office in a constant team of five people covering all aspects of production, post-production and PR. High quality in production and realisation is guaranteed through our advanced film equipment and high-level post-production resources including DaVinci colour grading.

Jürgen Karasek Soleil Film

producer, director, screenwriter

born in Kulmbach, Germany

+43 699 12397478

Full CV

Master in theatre-, film- and media science | studies of psychology and history, University of Vienna. Since 2004 freelance director and scriptwriter. His first feature fiction film „Waiting for the Moon“ as director and producer was presented at many international festivals. His latest shortfilms „Novemberlights“ (2013: 30 festivals, 5 awards, Premeire: Max-Ophüls Filmfestival 2013) and „The Camping Trip“ (2018: 14 festivals, 6 awards) were both awarded with the Thomas Pluch Appreciation Screenplay Award at the Diagonale festival of Austrian film. Jürgen is an active producer specializing in the financing of our films keeping up good relationships with national funding bodies and international partners.

Jürgen is co-founder and co-owner of Soleil Film. Since the start of the company he has produced and co-developed several documentaries and short films. In the last years he was participating in many educational programs, workshops and pitches, like: Sources2 the Berlinale Talents, Maia Workshop, Zagreb Dox Pro Pitch, Baltic Sea Docs, Dok-Leipzig Co-Pro-Meeting, East European Forum, Co-Pro Telaviv, MediMed Sitges, Dok.fest München Marketplace, Re-Act Trieste.

Filip Antoni Malinowski

director, producer, screenwriter

born in Poznań, Poland


private site

moved from socialist Poland to Austria as a kid. Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna and Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in class for cinema & art of famous essayist documentary filmmaker Harun Farocki as well as additional classes at the Filmacademy Vienna for example with teachers like Michael Haneke. Winner of the Academy Excellence Award for Fine Art. Co-founder & co-owner of Soleil Film in 2008. Active as producer (18 credits) and film director. First feature fiction film „Waiting for the Moon“ was released after three years of production in 2008 at the Austrian film festival Diagonale Graz.

Directed the award winning documentary film „Resettlement“ (33 festivals) which has been released in Austrian and Polish cinemas in 2013. Director of „Guardians Of The Earth“ (27 festivals) released in Austrian, German, Swiss cinemas in 2018, screened and sold in from China, over to Australia and the USA.

He is member of the Austrian and the German board of documentary filmmakers and was developing and pitching films at several industry workshops and events like Berlinale Talents, Sources2, Dragon Forum Poland, Power to the Pixel London, Zagreb Dox Pro, Jihlava Emerging Producers, Baltic Forum, Dok Leipzig Coproduction Meeting, Dokforum Marketplace, New Horizons Studio, Dok Leipzig Net Lab & East European Forum in Prague. Lecturer at universities in Austria since 2008. Nominated for the prestigious Polish cultural prize „Paszport Polityki“ in 2013. Speaker at TEDx Vienna and at several public keynotes. Industry expert and decision maker on forums and on board of public funds. „Red Drops“ is his first fiction feature film.

IMG_6290 copya

Producer & Director, Writer

born in Vienna

+43 699 19093777

Bachelor’s degree in Media and Cultural Studies, London College of Communications in England; Master’s degree in Journalism, Danube University Krems. Many years of work in television as a producer, writer, designer and editor primarily for ORF.

Alice is a founding member and shareholder of Soleil Film and has worked on numerous projects since the company was founded in 2008. In addition to her producer work, she was concept writer on the „Zwischen Rampenlicht und Rotlicht“ and writer and director (together with Tristan Zahornicky) on the „Das Künstlerhaus – Aufruhr/Umruhr“.

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DCP creation for cinema and festival broadcasting

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Soleil Film – film production, Wien, Austria

SOLEIL FILM Le Groupe Soleil Film & Multimediaproduktion GmbH

Linke Wienzeile 142/13, A-1060 Wien, ÖSTERREICH
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Nearest subway station: U4 Pilgramgasse (5 minutes)

We speak: German, English, Polish, French, Spanish, Russian

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Email: office☀ (all general inquiries)

Jürgen Karasek, producer, director
phone: +43 699 12397478

Filip Antoni Malinowski, producer, director

Alice Karasek, producer, director

All Email accounts have GPG-encryption available. Encrypted chats and calls over Signal.
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