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Dokfilm for ORF on Viennese Varieté in production

German title :“Zwischen Rampenlicht und Rotlicht
English title: „Between limelight & red-light“

after a long journey with the project, we have finally secured the financing for a feature length documentary film by Karoline T. Heflin. In co-production with ORF main documentary slot Dokfilm and financial support by Filmfonds Vienna and RTR.

A documentary time travel through ups and downs of Vienna nightlife focusing on the Burlesque scene. Main characters of the last century talk about their life and specify the balancing act between art form and entertainment, glory and disrespect. A bizarre, exciting and authentic, a social résumé of the 20th Century.

director: Karoline T. Heflin
producers: Jürgen Karasek & Filip Antoni Malinowski & Alice Karasek
DoP: Filip Antoni Malinowski, Roman Chalupnik
with archive material by Chris Tekirdali
premiere: Dokfilm ORF 07.12.2014, 23h05
duration: 56min
working title: When the Mask falls
in co-production with ORF
funding: Filmfonds Vienna, RTR
press text ORF / Pressetext

website of the film

when the mask falls kirdall

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