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„Waiting for the Moon“ premiers at Diagonale Graz

our feature film „Warten auf den Mond“ (engl. Waiting for the Moon) will be shown in the official program of the main Austrian film festival Diagonale Graz. Valentin Schreyer nominated for best male acting role for the UNDINE award. Check the website:

„Waiting For The Moon“ is the story of sparking hope, the essence of a dream we all share in common. Julian and Anna are in search for a place, where their love could continue, in search for fulfilment of a legend that originates from a dream of an old man, which unites their long forgotten roots.

Austria, 2008
script & director, production: Jürgen Karasek
cinematography & production: Filip Antoni Malinowski
editing: Antonia Adelsberger
length: 72min
format: Super16
original title: Warten auf den Mond
cast: Ernst Stankovski, Valentin Schreyer, Nina Blum, Christopher Schärf, Mira Milijkovic, Jutta Fastian, Antonia Jung

„Waiting for the Moon“ is a peculiar phenomena, an Austrian feature film, which during three years of production, from 2005 onwards, was completed with a total budget of 55.000 Euro.

Festivals (selection): Santa Cruz Filmfestival 2007 | Diagonale Graz 2008 | Metaphysical Filmfest Santa Fe 2008 | Filmriss Festival Salzburg 2008. TV Sale: NET Television Malta. Valentin Schreyer was nominated best young actor for „Waiting for the Moon“, UNDINE 2008

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