Shortfilm „Liebling“ by Sebastian Schmidl – shooting completed

Three weeks of intense shooting in Lower Austria have been completed. The shortfilm „Liebling“ by Sebastian Schmidl, which is co-produced by Soleil Film is now heading to post-production.


„Liebling“ is the story of a couple facing the ruins of what used to be a happy relationship. Tamara is intending on finally breaking up with Hans. Spending a last weekend together they clash with each other once again; letting them clearly know why their relationship failed. But at the same time they have to realize that going separate ways is harder than they had ever thought…

director: Sebastian Schmidl
status: in postproduction, duration: appr. 45 min

cast: Andreas Kiendl, Anna Rot, Johannes Thanheiser, Andreas Patton, Melanie Mezzina
DoP: Georg Weiss
editing: Lisa Geretschläger
production manager: Alexandra Makarová
set manager: Tina Tiefnig
producers: Alexandra Makarová, Georg Weiss, Sebastian Schmidl, Lisa Geretschläger
co-producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski

funding: Stadt Wien Kultur, Land Niedeösterreich Kultur


Georg Weiss


Georg Weiss, Sebastian Schmidl

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