Selected for East European Forum in Prague

Our project „In The Arms Of Occupation“ will take part in the EAST EUROPEAN FORUM for documentary films during the One World Film Festival in Prague. The project will be developed in a three day workshop among 10 other selected films from March 2nd to 8th and pitched to decision makers and commissioning editors on February 7th-8th.

East European Forum is the region’s largest meeting of Central and East European documentary filmmakers with Europe’s and North America´s leading commissioning editors, distributors, buyers and film fund representatives. Directors and independent producers offer their projects for co-production, pre-sale or other forms of financial support.

The project will be represented by the director Fernando Romero-Forsthuber and leading developer Ari Yehudit Richter.
The producers Filip A. Malinowski and Jürgen Karasek will join the team on the final pitch. Public Presentations + Feedback Round Tables: March 7 – 8, 2015

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Jowan Safadi, born as Palestinian in the State of Israel, is a famous musician and a true free spirit. With his band Fish Samak he delivers songs ranging from the political and social to the emotional and philosophical and gathered a huge fan-community in the Arabic world. Jowan is unafraid to speak his mind or tackle taboo subjects, and his lyrics, at once penetrating and witty, have also courted controversy on several occasions: Previously investigated by Israeli police for “inciting terrorism”, his last tour to Jordan ended with his arrest and an overnight stay in a Jordanian prison cell.
But this is just the beginning: standing for co-resistance instead of co-existence and criticising the stare society he lives in, Jowan struggles for his ideals – at any price.

DoP: M. Putz (aac)
concept: Jürgen Karasek, Ari Yehudit Richter, Fernando Romero-Forsthuber
producers: Filip Antoni Malinowski, Jürgen Karasek




Project production funded by bm:ukk & BKA

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