Selected for CoPro Tel Aviv, DOK Marketplace Munich

Two of our documentary projects have been selected and invited to another round of development and pitching in front of international decision makers.

In The Arms Of Occupation by Fernando Romero-Forsthuber will be presented at the main Israeli Documentary Film Market CoPro in Tel Aviv:

CoPro created a turning point on the Israeli Documentary scene. Until its foundation in 1999, there were some international co-productions. To date, CoPro’s activities have yielded : 218 Co-Productions; 147 invited representatives of European commissioning editors and head of Film Foundations (buyers and investors) from leading TV networks around the world; 20 million dollars invested in Israeli documentaries through CoPro;123 million viewers of Israeli documentaries around the world.

  • To foster dialogue between Israeli filmmakers and foreign counterparts
  • To offer international audiences new and interesting insight into the Israeli actuality and social complexities
  • To promote and nurture young talented Israeli Arab and Jewish filmmakers
  • To raise funds for Israeli-foreign co-productions.

    Our cinema project „The Conference“ as well as „In The Arms Of Occupation“ were both selected to be presented to decision makers at the DOK.fest Munich MARKETPLACE.

    At the Marketplace, filmmakers, authors and directors have the chance to meet leading industry experts from the German-speaking production area at thematic arranged roundtables to present their concepts and ideas.

    After successful application, filmmakers introduce their project to exclusively selected producers, distributors and commissioning editors, to discuss and review in personal atmosphere.

    The aim of the roundtable-talks is to simplify and support co-production processes in the German-speaking area – without confining itself to topics from this specific region. Ideally, the ‘Idea-Market’ gives each filmmaker the chance to match with at least two suitable experts, so some of the projects can find missing partners and therefor be realized.

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