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Premiere of the special version – „Before disappearing“

On october 27th 2020 we were able to present our special version on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Carinthian referendum for the first time in sold-out Wulfenia cinema in Klagenfurt.


concept & director: Andrina Mračnikar
DoP: Judith Benedikt
editor: Gerhard Daurer
sound: Bertram Knapptisch, William Eduard Franck
production manager: Natalija Hartmann
status: in production

a coproduction with Vertigo Film
scheduled release: 2020/21

„BEFORE DISAPPEARING“ is a documentary film about the bilingual history and future of Carinthia, which deals with highly topical and at the same time personal issues of language, identity and memory from different perspectives. Will the Slovene language in southern Carinthia, one hundred years ago still the language of the majority population, continue to exist or soon disappear forever?“

production funded by Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst & Kultur, ORF Film-/Fernsehabkommen, CarinthiJA2020 (Land Kärnten), Filmstandort Österreich, Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich, Slovene Film Center, Viba Film Studios, RTV Slovenija,

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