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„Eksmisja / Resettlement“ in cinemas from 22nd March & Diagonale Graz!

Our feature documentary film by Filip Antoni Malinowski received cinema release funding by BmuKK and will enter Austrian cinemas in three cities on 22nd of March. Festival title: Eksmisja / eng. Resettlement / ger. cinema title: Maria muss packen

Vienna: Top Kino from 22.03.
Graz: Rechbauer Kino from 29.03.
Linz: Moviemento Kino from 05.04.

Screenings Diagonale Graz film festival:
14.03. 21:00 Rechbauer Kino
17.03. 16:00 Schubert Kino

original title: Eksmisja
German site:
English site (& english trailer):

Festival track record till now:
internationale premiere: Krakow International Film Festival
Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück (competition), This Human World Human Rights Film Festival Vienna (competition), Planete DOC Review Warsaw & Wrocław, goEast Wiesbaden FF (competition), OFF Plus Camera Kraków, Polish Film Festival of America Chicago, OFF Cinema Festival Poznań (competition, awarded), FilmPolska München, Seattle Polish Film Festival, Człowiek w Zagrożeniu Łódź (competition, awarded), Cinema Perpetuum Mobile FF Minsk, Kamera Akcja Łódź, TNR Tarnowska Nagroda Filmowa (competition), Transatlantyk Poznań (competition), FilmPolska Berlin, Diagonale Graz (competition), Guth Gafa Ireland, Human Doc Warsaw, New Horizons Wrocław (special screening), Filmfest Rejected Innsbruck

Krytyka Polityczna, Małopolska dla Filmowców, Kino Przychodnia Squat Warsaw, Squat Rozbrat Poznań, Kinokunstmuseum Bern, Happening na Stolarskiej Poznań, Fialta Centre Belarus, Polish Institute Düsseldorf, Polish Embassy Ukraine, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Appreciation Award for Fine Art), Austrian Culture Institute Prague, University of Applied Arts Wiedeń, Cinema Next

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