International Premiere for „The Camping Trip“

Our medium-length film „The Camping Trip“ by Jürgen Karasek will be shown for the first time outside of Austria – at the Hofer Filmtage in Bavaria!


Thursday, October 25th | 16:00 | City Kino
Saturday, October 27th | 23:30 | Classic Kino
Sunday, October 28th| 18:15| Cinema Kino

Director Jürgen Karasek will be present at the festival.


Austria, 2018, 39min
director: Jürgen Karasek
Status: Distribution
World Premiere: Diagonale 2018
Winner: Thomas-Pluch-Screenplay-Award for short and middlelength films
Distributor: AugundOhr Medien


14-year-old MAX goes with his father WOLFGANG (45) and his friends on a camping trip in the woods. The two haven´t seen each other since the separation of the parents a few months ago and experience a weekend of rapprochement with beer, men´s talk and masculinity rites. Soon, however, the actual idyll of the trip becomes more and more frightening and the renewed bond between Max and Wolfgang is put to the test.

Cast: Enzo Gaier, David Oberkogler, Max Meyr, Peter Karolyi, Christian Spatzek, Simone Fuith, Anna Rot

idea & director: Jürgen Karasek
screenplay: Timothy Bidwell
DoP: Roman Chalupnik (aac)
editor: Claudia Linzer
script consultant: Andrina Mračnikar

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