„Eksmisja / Resettlement“ in Kraków

feature doc „Resettlement“ by director Filip Antoni Malinowski premiers at the 52. Krakow Film Festival
see the homepage: www.soleilfilm.at/resettlement/

Eksmisja (Polish cinema release title), Resettlement (English title), Maria muss packen (German cinema release title)
73/56min, 2012, Austria/Poland

A unique Polish couple in their 80s. After living for 66 years in their flat they have to move out. While Maria is an extraordinary spirit full of undominable optimism and vitality – Tadeusz is a silent scientist and a fatalist. Now they have to fight their existential disaster that unveils the touching stories of their life and casts a shadow over their present. It’s a film about justice and equality – the crisis of morality in past and present modern society, as well as about how to get old – staying young.

„A short story about how in our country a ruthless person can execute violence on the life and mind of old people while breaking the law with impunity.“ (Maria Malinowska)





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