Warten auf den Mond / Waiting for the Moon

director & screenwriter: Jürgen Karasek
Austria, 2008
length: 72min
status: released

English/German Homepage (2008)

“Waiting For The Moon” is the story of sparking hope, the essence of a dream we all share in common. Julian and Anna are in search for a place, where their love could continue, in search for fulfillment of a legend that originates from a dream of an old man, which unites their long forgotten roots.

“Again and again I have this dream. After all those years I know every single detail. And maybe it is the most important story of my life.” 

This is the dream of an old man, the memories of a forbidden love 1000 years ago, long before our time. He tells this last secret to his granddaughter, the story of Aiana and Janas who had to escape from the king’s knights and the tragic consequences of their love. 1000 years later, in our present, a young couple is in a car on the journey to nowhere. Anna and Julian, both in their 20s are enjoying the ride and their freedom. It seems as if they were escaping the monotony of daily life in the city, to start somewhere else completely new. Anna starts reading a book, and soon it is obvious that she is the granddaughter who heard the old mans dream long ago. After many years she found the book, where he had written down this story. Slowly the two stories, the escape from everyday life and the escape from the tragic consequences of a forbidden love, develop, but soon they even start to merge. Dream and reality become one and in the end find the meaning and the common essence.

cinematography: Filip Antoni Malinowski
editing: Antonia Adelsberger
cast: Nina Blum, Valentin Schreyer, Christopher Schärf, Ernst Stankovski, Mira Miljkovic, Jutta Fastian
producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski
shooting format: Super16 film
funded by: Innovative Film Austria (bm:ukk), Stadt Wien Kultur, Land Niederösterreich Kultur

producers note:
„Waiting for the Moon“ is a peculiar phenomena, an Austrian feature film, which during three years of production, from 2005 onwards, was completed with a total budget of 55.000 Euro.

festivals: (selection)
Santa Cruz Filmfestival, 2007
Diagonale Graz, 2008
Metaphysical Filmfest Santa Fe, 2008
Filmriss Salzburg, 2008

Nomination UNDINE 2008 – Valentin Schreyer as Best Young Actor

TV-sale to NetTV Malta

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