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Swimming Pool

director: Filip Antoni Malinowski
80/52min, Austria/Germany/Poland
status: project development, shooting: 2020
planned release: 2021

Julia (30) is a life guard at the open-air swimming pool of a Polish small town. Under shady treetops she gazes wistfully at the young swimmers passing by in the sports pool – in the background is the brutalist architecture still built under communism.

Justyna, a single woman working the night shift at Amazon; Marcin, an 18-year-old former youth pianist; the religious woman Magda, who had a near-death experience in the pool; and Bartek, the lifeguard who actually does breakdance and wants to emigrate to California. Their thoughts on the future and the past – on their hopes weave themselves into a poetic river while swimming in the same water basin.

funded by:

Austrian Chancellery of Art

Robert Bosch Stiftung / Literarisches Colloquium Berlin

Drehbuchforum Vienna – Scriptlab Stipendium

pitched at: dokfest München Marketplace 2019, developed at New Horizons Studio Wrocław