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Resettlement / Eksmisja

director: Filip Antoni Malinowski
Austria/Poland, 2012, 56/76min

German title: Maria muss packen
Polish title: Eksmisja
Russian title: ВЫСЕЛЕНИЕ
status: distribution
in cinemas in Austria from March 2013, Poland: winter 2013
co-production with: Malina Film
funded by: Innovative Film Austria (bm:ukk)
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A unique Polish couple in their 80s. After living for 66 years in their flat they have to move out. While Maria is an extraordinary spirit full of un-dominable optimism and vitality – Tadeusz is a silent scientist and a fatalist. Now they have to fight their existential disaster that unveils the touching stories of their life and casts a shadow over their present. It’s a film about justice and equality – the crisis of morality in past and present modern society, as well as about how to get old – staying young.

I just wanted to let you know I loved the film. I found it very moving, and rich in the way it moves through so many layers, themes (gentrification, home, post WWII, ageing, family, storytelling, gardening, pleasure, struggle, political and personal change…). It feels like a privilege to be let into these people’s lives from such an intimate perspective. Aesthetically I liked its spaciousness, rhythm, sound, the use of still images, the quietness of the filmmaker’s „voice“… Thank you! All the best, Vida (Canada)

international premiere: Krakow International Film Festival
Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück (competition), This Human World Human Rights Film Festival Vienna (competition), Planete DOC Review Warsaw & Wrocław, goEast Wiesbaden FF (competition), OFF Plus Camera Kraków, Polish Film Festival of America Chicago, OFF Cinema Festival Poznań (competition, awarded), FilmPolska München, Seattle Polish Film Festival, Człowiek w Zagrożeniu Łódź (competition, awarded), Cinema Perpetuum Mobile FF Minsk, Kamera Akcja Łódź, TNR Tarnowska Nagroda Filmowa (competition), Transatlantyk Poznań (competition), FilmPolska Berlin, Diagonale Graz (competition), Guth Gafa Ireland, Human Doc Warsaw (competition), Filmfest Rejected Innsbruck (competition), DIY Filmfest (winner, best film), Lubskie Lato Filmowe Łagów (competition), Forum of European Cinema Cinergia Łódź (competition), Filmowa Góra Zielona Góra, Vancouver Polish Film Festival, EKRAN Toronto Polish FF (competition, winner best doc film), Solanin Film Festival, Polnische Filmwoche Erlangen, PLAY Poland Film Festival UK, Polish FF Los Angeles, Delai International Documentary Film Festival Moscow, Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival Perm, Russia

Krytyka Polityczna (15 cites), Małopolska dla Filmowców (10x), Kino Przychodnia Squat Warsaw, Squat Rozbrat Poznań, Kinokunstmuseum Bern, Happening na Stolarskiej Poznań, Fialta Centre Belarus, Polish Institute Düsseldorf, Polish Embassy Ukraine, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Appreciation Award for Fine Art), Austrian Culture Institute Prague, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Vienna, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Cafe Draze, Kino Nowe Horyzonty Wrocław (special screening), Cinema Next, goEast Dokumentarfilmpreis Unterwegs Arsenal Berlin, Boguszowickie Dni Młodych, Rejs z dokumentem – Kino Kultura, Warszawa

Special Jury Prize, Festiwal Mediow Lodz 2012
Honorable Mention, Off Cinema Poznan 2012
Winner Best Documentary Prize, EKRAN Toronto FF 2013
Appreciation Award of Fine Art, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2012
DYI Filmfest Warsaw, Winner Best Film, 2013

World Sales: Ragusa Film
TV-sales: Planete+, ORF, TVP Kultura, iTVN, 3sat

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