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Viennale & IDFA Amsterdam premiere our film “Gwendolyn”

We are happy host the national premiere of our documentary film GWENDOLYN at VIENNALE – the well established international film geeks festival in Vienna and later on at IDFA Amsterdam.

The film will screen at Viennale on October 30st at 6pm in Urania Cinema, Vienna.

The film will have its international premiere at IDFA Amsterdam.
Screening date: November 16th, 6pm

director Ruth Kaaserer, producer Jürgen Karasek and editor Joanna Schrinzi will be present at the screenings.


Gwendolyn is in her mid-sixties, barely weighs 52 kg and is a three-time world champion in weightlifting. After battling salivary gland cancer, the retired anthropologist should really take a step back, but this is far from what Gwendolyn has in mind. She is training to become world champion once again. Supported by her devoted trainer Pat and her Ivorian husband Charlie, her fight against physical and personal limits begins.

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