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In addition to the production of our documentary film GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH we are happy to be invited to TEDx Vienna on October 31st that will take place on the stage of the wonderful old Volkstheater. The session is focusing on the question “WHAT IF“.


director Filip Antoni Malinowski will deliver a 18min speech on the question:


Global climate change agreements have continued to fail over the past 21 years, because of the self-interest of single nations. This December in Paris, the 195 UN-countries will meet to sign the ultimate agreement shaping our future – a last chance to save our ecosystem.

But our view of economy fueling these decisions is based on the concept of humans as entirely selfishly motivated beings, and therefore justifies a view of life as a constant battle for growth and resources. In recent years, this core view has contributed to the present climate dilemma.

But our wide spread economic model seems to be based on mistaken data as scientists are recently discovering that cooperation and not only competition are together the main driving forces of life on earth. While fighting to save our future on earth, how can we ignite the necessary normative change in society?

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