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“Swimming Pool”: co-prodcution & nomination

We are pleased to announce the co-production of our feature film SWIMMING POOL by Filip Antoni Malinowski with METRO FILMS (Poland), producer Marcin Wierszchosławski and ELEMAG PICTURES (Germany), producer Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer.

Furthermore, the debut film has already received production commitments from ZDF (Kleines Fernsehspiel) and ARTE.

Main producer: Jürgen Karasek
Editor KFS: Lucia Haslauer
ZDF/ARTE: Claudia Tronnier
Further production funding: Federal Chancellery for Art & Culture

The screenplay by Filip Antoni Malinowski in collaboration with Jürgen Karasek was nominated as one of five screenplays for the “Best Screenplay” competition at the Sehsüchte Film Festival 2021.

JULIA (30) is a lifeguard at an outdoor swimming pool in Poland. She is a woman of traditional values who hopes to find her place in society by marrying her boyfriend MAREK (32). When Marek unexpectedly breaks up with her, Julia’s world falls apart. She soon finds a chance to revenge and a new direction in life by joining Marek‘s patriotic militia, quickly rising to a leader in the group. But the gap between its members’ behavior and her own moral values becomes increasingly difficult to reconcile…

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