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“Swimming Pool” at New Horizons Studio & DokFest forum

We are happy about the selection for the project development workshop by Nowe Horyzonty Studio in Wroclaw in July 2019, Poland and DokFest forum in Munich, Germany in May 2019.

Julia (30) is a life guard at the open-air swimming pool of a Polish small town. Under shady treetops she gazes wistfully at the young swimmers passing by in the sports pool – in the background is the brutalist architecture still built under communism.

Justyna, a single woman working the night shift at Amazon; Marcin, an 18-year-old former youth pianist; the religious woman Magda, who had a near-death experience in the pool; and Bartek, the lifeguard who actually does breakdance and wants to emigrate to California. Their thoughts on the future and the past – on their hopes weave themselves into a poetic river while swimming in the same water basin.

The director Filip Antoni Malinowski and producer Jürgen Karasek will attend the workshops.

New Horizons Studio DokFest forum

Swimming Pool

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