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Soleil Film in TV-production

Since 2012 Soleil Film has a strong cooperation with non-profit organisation Social Business Vienna (SBV).
Together we established regular service-production for TV-stations ORF III and W24.

Since the end of 2013 we work with SBV on a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). It´s main target is, to give long-term unemployed people within the film-sector a chance to resume their profession.

These days we are working with a staff of 10 people and we produce regular content for TV-stations W24 and ORF III – at the moment we are responsible for about 1 1/2 hours broadcasting time weekly.

selection of formats – current and covered till now:
ORF III Kultur Heute – reports for the daily magazine
ORF III Best of Club 2 – revitalised broadcast of the cult-series
W24 Guten Abend Wien – reports for the daily magazine
W24 Rankingshow – Best Of W24, 8 episodes
ORF III 16mm “Schätze aus dem Fernseharchiv” – regular format with contents from the ORF-archives
W24 – Rapid Viertelstunde – weekly format about football Club Rapid Wien
W24 – “Tier sucht Freund” – weekly format about pets from the “Tierschutzhaus Vösendorf” who search for a new home
ORF III – “Kinorubrik” – weekly format about current cinema releases

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