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Three films selected for Diagonale Graz FF 2015

On this year’s edition of Diagonale Film Festival in Graz – the review of a selection of Austrian films we are glad to participate in three categories:

OLYA’S LOVE, dir. Kirill Sakharnov, AT-RU, 68min, feat. documentary
editing; Maxim Kliewer (aea)

“Olya´s Love” is a film about a lesbian couple living in Russia. Olya is a fighter, active member of the LGBT-community, her partner Galiya doesn´t want to let politics rule her life. Their love is strong, and they want to have a baby together. When Russian Duma launches their discriminating laws against homosexuals, Olya starts to fight even stronger. But same time their love is put to the test.

19.03. 16h Schubert Kino
21.03. 23h Schubert Kino

LIEBLING, dir. Sebastian Schmidl, AT, 40min, medium length film
editing: Lisa Geretschläger, cinematography: Georg Weiss, producer: Alexandra Makarova

“Liebling” is the story of a couple facing the ruins of what used to be a happy relationship. Tamara is intending on finally breaking up with Hans. Spending a last weekend together they clash with each other once again; letting them clearly know why their relationship failed. But at the same time they have to realize that going separate ways is harder than they had ever thought…

18.03. 16h KIZ Royal Kino
20.03. 21h Annenhof Kino

Still_best quality_tanz neu

DER DAMM, dir. Nikolaus Müller, AT, 30min, short film
cinematography: Roman Chalupnik (aac)

On a hike the long-term pair Catherine and Chris encounter a small, abandoned girl. The excursion becomes a sample for their relationship.

19.03. 21h Annenhof Kino
21.03. 23h Annenhof Kino

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