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“Guardians Of The Earth” – pitching in Zagreb

“Guardians Of The Earth” – our feat. doc in development is invited for the Zagreb DOX pitching session.
feature documentary, appr. 90min, 2015/16, Austria/Switzerland/Germany, dir. Filip Antoni Malinowski

The UN climate negotiations in Paris seem the only chance to reach global cooperation against the increasing effects of changing climate. The film observes the COP summit from the struggle of the delegates to the final dramatic vote. Same time experts tell the story about the mistaken model of human mindset ­the driving force against cooperation.

After 21 years of continuous failure in UN climate change negotiations 195 nations, 35.000 delegates meet in Paris at COP21 for another attempt to save our planet. In a timeless manner the film portrays the struggle towards the agreement through the perspective of major players as the head of the UNFCCC, the fossil fuel exporting countries and most the vulnerable nations to climate change. Unique footage gives insight into the process behind closed doors and the opposition by the fossil fuel lobby. The struggle shows the conflict of a global society: the dilemma between solidarity versus national self- interest – a fight between economic growth and massive loss of lives. As sea levels keep rising, glaciers are melting, heat-waves, droughts and Super- Typhoons become more frequent, millions of people are in serious danger – time is running out to act – climate change is here. Can a global agreement keep our world in balance, or is it already too late?


Jürgen Karasek & Filip Antoni Malinowski, Zagreb Dox

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