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co-producing doc “Lorm’s Alphabet”

we are starting to co-produce “Lorm’s Alphabet” by Czech director Pavel Jurda. Czech leading producer is Produkce Radim Prochazka from Prague. The film tells the story of three deaf-blind characters from Austria, Czech Republic and Germany who can communicate with the special Lorm Alphabet that was dicovered by Hieronymus Lorm in the 19th century.

tv-documentary, 52min, Czech Republic/Austria/Germany, 2013/14

Hieronymus Lorm invented a touch alphabet hundred and fifty years ago and thanks to it the deaf and blind people of all around the world are able to communicate. He was a German Hew born in Mikulov on the south of Czech Republic, near to the Austrian border. Soon people found him a brilliant pianist, „the new Mozart“, but his illness had to cost his musical career. He became deaf and blind, but thanks to his invention he lived a full creative life. He spend it in Vienna, Berlin, Dresden and Brno. The film brings Lorm’s world of silence and darkness, that is mediated through the impaired hearing and vision of other people. The documentary tells the story of the silence in music and pictures in the dark, the touching solitude and the breaking of a nut shell.




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