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Warten auf den Mond / Waiting for the Moon

Austria, 2008
length: 72min
status: distribution

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“Waiting For The Moon” is the story of sparking hope, the essence of a dream we all share in common. Julian and Anna are in search for a place, where their love could continue, in search for fulfillment of a legend that originates from a dream of an old man, which unites their long forgotten roots.

director: Jürgen Karasek
cinematography: Filip Antoni Malinowski
editing: Antonia Adelsberger
cast: Nina Blum, Valentin Schreyer, Christopher Schärf, Ernst Stankovski, Mira Miljkovic, Jutta Fastian
producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski
shooting format: Super16
funded by: Innovative Film Austria (bm:ukk), Stadt Wien Kultur, Land Niederösterreich Kultur

producers note:
“Waiting for the Moon” is a peculiar phenomena, an Austrian feature film, which during three years of production, from 2005 onwards, was completed with a total budget of 55.000 Euro.

festivals: (selection)
Santa Cruz Filmfestival, 2007
Diagonale Graz, 2008
Metaphysical Filmfest Santa Fe, 2008
Filmriss Salzburg, 2008

Nomination UNDINE 2008 – Valentin Schreyer as Best Young Actor

TV-sale to NetTV Malta

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