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The Extinction Game

appr. 52/75min
director: Filip Antoni Malinowski
status: editing
release: 2019


From an ivory tower four cooperation scientists are looking down on earth and are thinking about the evolution of cooperation that could save us from the ultimate destruction of our ecosystem. Their thoughts unveil in a poetic flow in appreciation of life & science – giving space for the viewer’s own world through the reflection on black and white still imagery by the author.

with: Prof. Dr. Martin Nowak (Harvard), Dr. Jennifer Jacquet (University of New York), Dr. David Rand (Stanford University), Prof. Dr. Yohai Benkler (Harvard), Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner (DIE)

producer: J├╝rgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski
idea: Carlo Pisani & Filip Antoni Malinowski
cinematography & sound: Carlo Pisani
editing: Filip Antoni Malinowski
assistant production: Birgit Moser
financial support: Misereor Stiftung