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The Best Days

Austria, 2018
Scriptwriter & Director: J├╝rgen Karasek
Duration: 100min
Status: in development

18-year-old CHRISTOPH idealizes and admires his father ERNST, a renowned and award-winning neuropsychologist. After graduation he wants to follow his footsteps. Ernst, on the other hand, intensifies this perspective and tries to educate his son mentorlike to his double. When Christoph’s parents are killed in a mysterious car-accident and Ernst is posthumously accused of a large research scandal, everything that Christoph believes in seems questioned. From his despair there is only one way out: he must care for the innocence of his father, whatever it costs. A fight that brings Christoph to his limits – and beyond.

Script-Development funded by the Austrian Filminstitute

Participant of Script-development-workshop SOURCES2; April – November 2016