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Austria, 75min, 2016
director: Filip Antoni Malinowski
status: project development

The director and his Russian friend follow the hopes and struggles of three characters that are connected through the same road in a crippling, postindustrial Siberian town.

short synopsis:
The city of Kansk is in the middle of nowhere, a place never meant for people to live in. A relict of the supremacy over life of Russia’s leaders build in the harsh environment of south Siberian Taiga with temperatures reaching -45 degrees Celsius. The final downfall of the local tobacco, alcohol and military industry from the Soviet times questions the existence of the people here even more – many feel useless, hopeless among the grey and fallen apart buildings, and many leave – a ghost town emerges. The director observes the hopes and struggles of three selected characters that are connected with each other through a road in town. Together with his Russian friend, a modern dancer he also creates an abstract poetic choreography in the ruins of Russia’s past times, asking the question of the Russian identity nowerdays.

funding: bmu:kk, BKA






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